Statement on community’s salvation
Member of the interim committee

  • The armed struggle of which the Ogaden National Liberation Front [ONLF] had been leading follows the footsteps of the previous resistances in pursuit of their historic issue and conflicts between the Somali Ogaden people and the Ethiopian regime. We know that the foundation of the ONLF was markedly associated at a time of Complex conditions in the Horn of Africa. Though those difficult circumstances did not stop to gain full support from the majority of the community in the region, whether it is economic, manpower or political as well.
    During the extended period of this struggle the Somali community of the region had come across an enormous pressure and real problems that they encountered alone without any support or assistance. Lack of understanding from the leaders of the organization exacerbated their condition when they compromised their responsibilities of seeking global supports and aids to strengthen and lift the confidence of the people in the region.
    The good intention of the society was hindered by the lacking of a clear vision and a strategy that comes from the top leadership of the organization. Then, the reality becomes the drop of the community reliance which resulted to notice challenges between those who were in the same page for fighting their enemies, while some others directly joined in the opposite side.
    However, despite the criticism and the fundamental errors which were committed by the top leaders were coming into sight to the combating community, but many of the organization members and supporters had hoped to find a way to correct them. They were also reluctant to show their differences to avoid a conflict that leads a quick damage to the organization. Each attempt failed because of the top leaders of the organization as they finally buried the only hope that many people were waiting, when the central committee assembly were held 15 March in this year, ended without a result and they also decided to start a confrontation with in the members of the organization and the community as well.
    • based on the feeling that this historic issue of the Ogaden conflict may be ignored
    • knowing the complex situation and hardship of living as well as the growing hostility in the region
    • Considering the need for policies that reflect the interests and demand of the Somali people in the Ogaden region.
    • Also confirming the poor understanding of the ONLF leadership is part of the obstacles encircled to the society in the region.
    Since the appearance of major weaknesses and real problems that calls immediate action, we recognize it is time to make a review on the impending fate of this nation and where it is headed.
    Therefore, we the cadre and key members of the organization have decided:
    1. From today on April 25, 2017, the ONLF leadership have been revoked their mandate and positions and we entrust their responsibilities to the traditional elders, community intellectuals and scholars.
    2. The appointment of the interim committee, which consists of nine {9} persons and operate
    • to prepare a transparent system that includes all the parts of the Somali community in the region and provide a means of discussion to ensure their unity
    • Organizing consultation meetings as soon as possible, in order to initiate a strategic plan which protects the existence of the society.
    3. To hold a conference that is open to all parts of the Somali community under the Ethiopia administration during this year 2017.
    Finally, we call on non-governmental organizations, Somali community concerned with the situation of the region, and also members of the ONLF organization to support and stand firmly with this plan of extricating Somali ogaden community.

Your sincerely
Abdimalik Aidid Ogle
Chairman of the council

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